Travel To Go Highlights The Immersive Experience In The Baja Peninsula

Mar 15, 2014 by

Travel To Go recommends tourist to enjoy an immersive adventure, recreation and luxury living experience in Baja California. The adventure seeking tourists get the chance to admire the magnificence of the stone arches. So whether you enjoy walking done the edge of the Sea of Cortez, visiting the galleries of Todos Santos or wandering the neon-bathed bars of Tijuana Baja Peninsula tries to keep every visitor entranced with its beauty and splendor. The unspoiled beauty of the sandy white beaches and the azure blue water is what attracts people to indulge in all the snorkeling and scuba diving activities that they might want to experience.

Travel To Go members can always set out for Bahia de Los Angeles a famous fish village where visitors could go kayaking through hidden coves never seen before. Or if you are too afraid to spend time in the water you can always sit around and observe the cries of whales and dolphins in their nearby habitats.

Travel To Go members have discovered that spending great time at the Baja peninsula does not just consist of swimming or sunbathing on the shores, adventure lovers can always travel to La Rumorosa and get a distinct view of the rock formations and desert coverings within the region. And if this is not enough one could take up the challenging hiking trips up the Guadalupe Canyon and find some hot springs and small waterfalls.

Travel To Go recommends you to enjoy the luxury of the all inclusive resorts that provides you with the luxury amenities of a five star hotel. Baja California stands out as a place of impossible beauty and the friendly attitude of the Travel To Go members guide you to the best restaurants in town and even go a step further to book the best dinner tables so that you eat the most exotic delicacies of the area. This way the guests get a chance to relax and enjoy the nightlife in the area and get relived of all the tensions and get ready for the next day adventures.

Travel To Go members can have a fun filled family vacation or enjoy tranquil honeymoon trips as Baja California is the perfect   dream destination for all types of tourist. The traditional hospitality of the locales and their warmth is welcoming experience that makes you remember your trip for life plus your relationship with your family gets more secure. Snorkeling in the blue crystal water of the Baja Peninsula is a real delight which revitalizes and energizes you to return to your work life with a new found energy.

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Travel To Go Admires The Natural Beauty Of Lands End At Cabo San Lucas

Mar 5, 2014 by

Travel To Go recommends you to peak through at the Land End’s where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. There are special rock formations in this area that add to the spectacular view and the Lovers Beach near the arch which turns out to be a golden paradise where you can ride back on a boat or enjoy a Submarine ride and view the splendors of the colorful underwater world through the glass windows. To holiday in Cabo San Lucas and miss the arch is like having your cookies without milk.

Travel To Go members loves the adventured trip to locate the tip of Mexico’s Baja peninsula where the natural stone arch stand as an exhibit of nature’s art work. You can hire a water taxi and get  a close view of the beautiful arch with sea lions lounging around it rocks or have fun in the sun at Lover’s Beach where you can live up to your desires.

Travel To Go says if you want to get away from the tourist track you sure can escape to an exciting adventure experience. You can opt for a whale watching through glass bottom boats or enjoy the thrill of the Baja Bungee. You can jump on a Helicopter and enjoy an aerial sightseeing tour of Cabo San Lucas capturing the beautiful landscape from above.

Sports keep the tourist entertained and the travelers to Mexico are inspired to enjoy the all inclusive resort experience by living and enjoying as the locals and experiencing the true spirit of Mexico by indulging in all the In-house and outdoor activities that they can participate in.

Travel To Go advises you to eat fresh seafood of Cabo San Lucas with a traditional Mexican touch to enjoy the spicy flavors of Mexican cuisines. Cabo San Lucas is a party city and you sure will find many restaurants along the Marina Boulevard where you can satisfy your taste buds and enjoy the vistas of the Marina and the beautiful bay are as appealing as the traditional seafood that they serve.

Travel To Go keeps in mind the forefront of the Mexican traditional style, including the modern conveniences with a subtle Mexican touch offering the best of amenities that makes you live in luxurious splendor at these wonderful resorts during your holiday.

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Travel To Go Members Recommend A Visit To The Audubon Zoo

Jan 23, 2014 by

Travel To Go customers know that there are never too little activities to do and get pleasure from in Louisiana and this is the reason that they advise family friendly travelers to get pleasure from a holiday there. From its popular Jazz music to its bold swamp tours and residing in the plantation houses in Baton Rouge there are lots of enjoyable and also interesting choices for you to appreciate in Louisiana.

Travel To Go members mention that one of the greatest things to do in Louisiana is to check out its famed French Quarters, probably the most visited area of Louisiana. The town which never sleeps, Louisiana’s French Quarter is packed with history, intrigue and scrumptious Cajun cuisine is quite a thrilling experience. You will discover year round joyous activities like Mardi Gras that you simply can never forget about together with its famous Cabildo Museum, excellent shopping activities and its Aquarium of Americas.

Travel To Go members love the taste of the Cajun cuisine of Louisiana since it is actually on top of the list of things to take pleasure in during your own getaway there. Invest a day within Louisiana’s French Market, the oldest open-air marketplace of America, sip coffee at its café and consume the delectable deep fried Donuts, coated with powdered sugar.

Travel To Go customers call the state of Louisiana the Sportsman paradise, with an abundance of organic parks and also maintained swamps, you certainly will not have to take a look much to enjoy a fantastic outside pleasure. Whether it’s hiking, fishing or playing golf you sure will appreciate attractive Mother Nature in this varied landscape.

Travel To Go members offer you the fun favorite of the Audubon Zoo, Louisiana and also appreciate greater than life adventures and also experiences that you simply will keep in mind for a lifetime. The Audubon Zoo offers numerous interactive activities and also turns out a family safe destination that individuals ought to not miss during their journey to Louisiana. The 800 square foot outdoor environment of the Parakeet Pointe delivers remarkable involved encounters for tourists who can stroll past multi-colored parakeets making the most of close encounters with these beautiful birds.

Travel To Go recommends the roving traveler to get pleasure from a dinner luxury cruise on a steamboat, journey down the Mississippi River and also dish on the Cajun food, hearing lovely jazz and sampling a Mint Julep.


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Travel To Go Shares Information On ATM’s And The Use Of ATM Cards While Traveling

Dec 12, 2013 by

Travel To Go says yes on using the ATM card; you’ll have access to cash during your trip so you won’t have to take as much cash with you and using your ATM card can also be a good way to get cash in foreign countries.  The ATM will issue money in local currency.

You should exchange at the bank’s wholesale exchange rate. You may still want to shop around to different banks since some will charge a high usage fee for their ATMs.  Travel To Go shares that although, even high ATM fees may be less than others will charge for currency exchanges.  Don’t wait until you’re out of money to go to an ATM, the machines can run out of money or break down.

Travel To Go team shares information on what should you know about using traveler’s checks when on vacation or if the particular brand of traveler’s checks is accepted in the country you’ll be visiting.

  • How widely they are accepted within the countries you’ll be visiting.
  • Any fees for purchasing and using the traveler’s checks.
  • The traveler’s check company’s loss, replacement and refund policies.

How can I protect my traveler’s checks while traveling?

Travel To Go members also says to take the same precautions you would to protect your cash.  Be sure to learn and follow the procedures required if you lose your travelers checks.  You’ll also need to make copies of your traveler’s checks before you go and keep separate from them the following information.

The serial numbers of the travelers checks.

The denomination of the traveler’s checks.

The date and location of their purchase.

The phone number to call to report them missing.

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Travel To Go Offers Ways to Keep Track of Your Luggage while Traveling

Nov 20, 2013 by

Travel To Go understands that it is not fun to lose your luggage when you are traveling. The problems that it can cause are many. It is easy to blame lost luggage on the airline or to think that someone stole your luggage, but that is not always the case. Many times people who think they have lost luggage did not realize it was right in front of them. Suitcases often look alike and it is not always easy to find your luggage in a crowded airport where others are also searching for their luggage. Travel To Go suggests that if you want to avoid this problem, consider doing a few simple things.

  • Buy a suitcase that is a strange or uncommon color. A suitcase does not need to be a fashion statement. If you want to find your suitcase easily, pick one that does not look like any others. A bright pink suitcase could stand out from the rest in the airport.
  • Monogram your suitcase – Put your name or initials on your suitcase. Do not do it in small letters. Make it big so you can spot it easily.
  • Add a nametag to your luggage – Get a big nametag that attaches to your handle. Get a bright color just like with the suitcase. It will help you luggage stand out. If you do not have a nametag, add a few bright color ribbons to the handle of your bag. Travel To Go knows that they are easier to spot than a suitcase that looks like all the rest.
  • Put identification in the luggage. This may help you get the luggage back if it is taken by someone else by mistake.
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Travel To Go Takes You On a Trip to The Southwest

Oct 28, 2013 by

Phoenix is the capital & largest city of the state of Arizona; the 6th largest city in USA and is located in the Salt River Valley in Central AZ. Phoenix still has real cowboys and rugged mountains, its a gateway to the Grand Canyon and is full of history. In contrast, Phoenix is also a sophisticated city with Jaw-dropping resorts and spas, stadiums and arenas, golf courses and stylish & eclectic shopping centers perfectly describe this desert metropolis.

Travel To Go members highly recommend visiting Phoenix, whether you go on a family vacation or on a couple’s getaway, there is plenty for everyone to do and see. For some Southwest history check out the Heard Museum, with more than 32,000 pieces of cultural and fine art. There are permanent exhibits like the famous Barry Goldwater collection, as well as special exhibit year round. The Desert Botanical Garden is a great family option; it has one of the world´s finest desert plants collections and is also one of the 44 botanical gardens accredited by the American Association of Museums. Perhaps a round of golf at Gold Canyon Ranch, Dinosaur Course, located in Apache Junction, is one of the best golf courses in Arizona. While our members have stated that the best time of the year to go golfing in this area is spring, there are many great summer golf deals, if you can take the heat in summer time!

Another landmark that is a not-to-be-missed is the Phoenix Zoo, which the only zoo accredited by the association of Zoos & Aquariums in the Valley. This Zoo is home to more than 1,400 animals on 125 acres located in Papago Park. Heading over to Scottsdale for shopping and eating is an experience of a lifetime. You will find a great deal of malls, retailers, bars and restaurants that will satisfy every taste; on a Thursday, a good choice is to go to Scottsdale Art Walk, with more than 100 galleries, casual and eclectic, is a great option to learn about featured artists.

Travel To Go has years of expertise in the tourism industry and has the knowledge and technologies that are needed to make the best out of your holiday. Everything from airfare bargains and vehicle rental, and of course offering luxurious condominium and deluxe hotel accommodations at the lowest prices, Travel To Gosatisfies the most demanding traveler.

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Travel To Go Recommends Getting Travel Insurance

Sep 30, 2013 by

Travel To Go understands that if you are planning a trip well in advance, you might worry about what you will do if something happens and you are not able to go on your trip. The solution to this problem is to purchase travel insurance. Travel To Go knows it is important to know that not all travel insurance is the same and you need to make sure about several things when you decide to purchase the policy.

  • When will it pay – Not all insurance policies pay if you cancel your trip. Some will only pay under specific circumstances such as a major illness or a death in the immediate family. Make sure you understand what the conditions for payment are and what you have to do to prove them.
  • How much will it pay – Not all policies will refund the whole price of your travel plans. Some have a deductible and others only pay a percentage of the total back. You also need to find out the documentation that you will need for payment.
  • Are there any other restrictions – You do not want to find out after the fact that there was some weird condition that voided the insurance. Ask about the fine print to clarify these issues.
  • How reputable is the company – If the company goes out of business before you travel, you could be out of luck. Travel To Go suggests checking the reputation of the company before you buy.
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Travel To Go Lays Out Tricks to Getting Cheaper Airfares

Sep 17, 2013 by

Travel To Go know that most travelers that choose to fly look for the best fare that they can find. The problem that they face is that it is not always easy to tell how much a flight will actually cost. The addition of taxes, airport fees and other fees can increase the cost of any ticket. Many travelers do not realize that traveling on certain days cost more and booking the tickets at the right time can save you money. There are a few tips from Travel To Go that can help people get the best fare possible.

  • Be Flexible – If you are flexible with your travel dates, you can save a lot of money. Check the fares for the same flights on different days.
  • Book Early – Airlines have limited numbers of cheap seats. Travel To Go recommends that the earlier you book, the better chance you have of getting a cheaper flight.
  • Join the Frequent Flier Club – This may allow you to get advanced seat selection, free bags and other amenities that you would otherwise have to pay for.

Check Many Websites – There are plenty of travel sites, but not all airlines use them. You may have to check airlines individually and check different travel sites to get the best deals on the price of airline tickets.

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Travel To Go –Why Not A Trip to Maui-Enjoy Lahaina

Sep 10, 2013 by

Travel To Go has been operating for 23 years, in the travel industry as a leader since 1990; they understand that happy customers, who experience happy vacations, go hand in hand.  At Travel To Go you are the priority and giving excellent service is what separates them from the rest. This year represents a celebratory milestone of 23 years in business.

Travel To Go has been helping vacationers find special vacation destinations, hot-spots at affordable and sometimes incredible prices.  Travel To Go has a huge inventory to work from and  a reputation of customer satisfaction of assisting members in making vacation dreams come true for many who enjoy traveling throughout the world. Travel To Go members return year after year to make arrangements as past experiences have been positive as noted on many of Travel To Go’s reviews.

Travel To Go shares that Maui is a great travel destination and Lahaina, the former Hawaiian capital, was the center of the global whaling trade, and its Historic District is a National Historic Landmark.  There is always plenty to do on Maui, Travel To Go can help with accommodations and answer travel questions, as the Islands have traditional Hawaiian luaus, beaches, activities and plenty of cultural opportunities for you to visit and tour.  Lahaina, also has wonderful dining, entertainment and shopping opportunities after a long day at the beach or on the golf course.  There are spas in town and at many of the resort locations and in town you will find local art at some of the galleries as you venture in and out of them.  Travel To Go and its professional staff can help you plan your next vacation adventure to Maui with affordable accommodations, amenities in some of the most sought after locations.  And if you’re looking for the best in a travel club, look no further than Travel To Go to help you get the best pricing available.

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Travel To Go Is Committed To Offering the Best Pricing For Hot-Spot Destinations

Aug 27, 2013 by

Travel To Go is an industry leader when it comes to vacation offers it has a large inventory to choose from, and once you choose your destination you will be pleasantly surprised with options for accommodations, extraordinary dining, nightlife, entertainment, spa offers among various other choices that are available at reasonable prices.  If you want the best in the industry look no further than Travel To Go for its extraordinary options and benefits.

This vacation club gives members unbelievable deals with high level service which separates itself from the rest.  The professional staff will assist you in creating a wonderful vacation with incredible savings as they continue to have some of the best travel connections available in the industry. This vacation travel club has been in the industry since 1990, approximately 23 years of service to its valued members.

Travel To Go gives individuals the opportunities to experience vacations that maybe weren’t affordable in the past.  With a Travel To Go membership, traveling is a bit different from the traditional timeshare memberships because individuals can actually choose among different locations instead of owning weeks at only one resort.  Travel clubs make it possible for travelers to experience locations all over the world at the most affordable rates on dates they want to travel.  Both Jeannette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh have taken this vacation travel club to the next level, making it one of the most sought after clubs to be affiliated with as a member.

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