Travel To Go Highlights Top Vacation Destinations in America

Travel To Go, a leading provider of luxury vacation fulfillment, knows that every traveler wants to become more familiar with where they are from. For many Americans, this country offers many opportunities all around the nation for a fun and exciting vacation. But which destination is the best for you and your family? These quintessential American cities offer both history and culture, so pack your bags and get the family ready for some end-of-summer fun.

1. New Orleans: The cobblestone streets of New Orleans are a scenic part of the country you won’t want to miss. This city offers stunning architecture, nightclubs lit up in neon, along with French colonial homes draped in ivy that create an eclectic mix that is both beautiful and intriguing to see. The French Quarter district is the top reason tourists flock to the area, since the square is home to jazz musicians, fortune tellers and artists perfect their craft.

2. Las Vegas: This city’s famed strip will feel like visiting a lot of different destinations, since there are themed resorts & casinos that range from Greece, France, Italy, New York City and Egypt. People flock to this area to see all the neon lights and to interact with tourists from around the globe, making this one a popular place for fun.

3. Nashville: Soaking up the country music culture makes for a true American experience unlike any other. One must-see spot is the Country Music Hall of Fame, along with the Grand Old Opry. Also take the time to learn some authentic line dancing, and grab your cowboy boots to fit in with the crowd.

Travel To Go knows these cities offer a great experience for travelers to soak up some of the varieties of American culture.

Tommy Middaugh, Executive Vice President of Travel To Go

GNEX 2013 Panel Discussion
Beverly Hills
A Brave New World?
After the global financial crisis, are the current changes we’re making here to stay, or just passing trends? Our panel will discuss if we are about to awake to a brave new world of emerging markets dominating consumer spending, whilst putting additional strain on older properties in saturated markets; whether or not we will see more product diversification including deeded property replaced by right to use models and if the rise in online transactions and interaction are a permanent game changer for us all.
Panelists: Interval International, RCI, Ragatz Associates, Absolute World Group, Travel To Go

Tommy Middaugh, Executive Vice President, Travel To Go speaks at GNEX

Panel Discussion: A Brave New World?
After the global financial crisis, are the current changes we’re making here to stay, or just passing trends? Our panel will discuss if we are about to awake to a brave new world of emerging markets dominating consumer spending, whilst putting additional strain on older properties in saturated markets; whether or not we will see more product diversification including deeded property replaced by right to use models and if the rise in online transactions and interaction are a permanent game changer for all of us.

Panelists include: Marcos Agostini, Interval International. Dimitris Manikis, RCI. Richard Ragatz, Ragatz Associates. Bryan Lunt, Absolute World Group. Tommy Midaugh, Travel To Go

Travel To Go sponsors Royal Family Kids Club First Annual Golf Tournament event!

On May 10, 2013, Travel To Go sponsored the First Annual Royal Family Kids Club Golf Tournament held at Tijeras Creek Golf Club in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. 
Wayne & Diane Tesch served as Sr. Associate Pastor on staff of Newport-Mesa Christian Center in So. California for 18 years. They have over 35 years of experience in developing camps for children and fast food franchising models.In 1985, they were challenged with the opportunity to develop a program for some of the most severely abused children in their community. These week-long summer camps became known as Royal Family Kids’ Camps. Each Royal Family KIDS Camp is sponsored by a local church. Today, using a franchising model, the non-profit organization of Royal Family KIDS has grown nationwide to a network of camps sponsored by churches in 26 denominations and spans 36 states and 5 foreign countries.

Travel To Go Recommends A Visit To Germany



Germany is one of the best stops on a tour of Europe. Germany is in the top 7 most visited countries in the world and Travel To Go knows that it is because of how amazing the country truly is. Every year, festivals are held throughout Germany to attend, including Oktoberfest, Largest Fair on the Rhine, and Cannstatter Volksfest. Additionally, as a country full of history, there are historic buildings all over the country including castles such as the Hohsenschwangau Castle seen above. Take a trip to Germany and enjoy all the country has to offer.

Travel To Go Discusses Setting Goals

At Travel To Go, we work hard to improve our customer service and overall performance on a daily basis, and we always bounce some ideas around on how to achieve that. That’s why we decided to focus on goal setting during our latest company employee meeting. However, we didn’t want our employees to pick goals just for the sake of it, and not be able to measure the results. So we made sure all established goals follow the S.M.A.R.T. criteria (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) since this system has proved to work well in the business world for many years now. We asked our employees to come up with three relevant business goals, as well as three personal goals, and define the specific ways they would use to achieve their goals and measure them.

For example, let’s say that an employee’s business goal is to improve Travel To Go’s phone customer service. She could do that by aiming at returning every phone call within 30 minutes of the time the travel club member left a message. An easy way to measure this goal would be to keep a log of each return call for each message. Of course, to attain this goal our phone customer service representative would need a timer at her desk or on her computer to make sure she returns the call within 30 minutes.  Another way our agent could improve overall phone customer service would be to go through a short list of questions at the end of every call to make sure that all the member’s needs have been answered and satisfied. Completing such checklist would help reduce follow-up calls for unresolved questions or concerns.

Our ultimate goal at Travel To Go is to provide 5-Star Service to each and every one of our travel club members.

Travel To Go Suggests Huntsville, Alabama For A Twist on A Typical Summer Vacation

Travel To Go, a top-tier provider of luxury vacation accommodations and amenities, knows that each year any summer vacation needs something to make it exciting. Huntsville, Alabama, is located in the northern region of Alabama, 2 hours south of Nashville Tennessee and two hours north of Birmingham Alabama, and is known as “Rocket City” USA. This city is all about space exploration and technology while offering the convenience of a big city and the outdoor activities of the country. Whether you want to advance your knowledge of space exploration or simply enjoy the breathtaking countryside, Huntsville offers attractions, activities and amenities for all tastes.

U.S. Space and Rocket Center

From the early beginnings of rocket and space technology in the 1950s, this industry put Huntsville on the map and grew it into the metropolitan area it is now. As part of this evolution, the U.S. Space and Rocket Center was opened in 1970 to welcome guests from all over the world to see and understand the technology, theories and creation of space flight and rocket propulsion. The museum offers artifacts from the space race such as a moon rock from the Apollo 12 mission and the Apollo 16 command module. This comprehension center is the must-see destination in Huntsville for anyone who ever dreamed of being an astronaut or fighter pilot. The center is also home to a world renowned space camp program.

Plan to spend a week at Space Camp solo, with your family or even with a work team. If you’ve dreamed of rocketing to the moon or seeing the earth as a small globe from the window of a space station, the Space Camps at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center will teach you the skills it takes to be one the few who get to advance space exploration. The center also offers camps on robotics or aviation. If astronaut food makes you queasy the robotics camp will teach you the skills to engineer the robotics that help others achieve their dreams in space. Aviation camp will teach students the science of aerodynamics and the effects mach speeds have on pilots. Incorporating a military-like structure, the aviation camp is the ideal place to teach pride and leadership while learning valuable hands on skills.  Travel To Go knows a summer vacation spent here will truly make for an exciting story to tell back home.

Travel To Go Associates Highlight The Main Attractions Of Baltimore, Maryland

Travel To Go associates say that from early beginning in the mid-17th century, Baltimore is a city steeped in history. The tobacco trade made this city a busy harbor town that quickly grew in population. As the city grew early in America’s history it attracted famous historical figures and events. From the creation of the Star Spangled Banner, to the home of Edgar Allan Poe to the birthplace of Babe Ruth, Baltimore offers visitors a clear glimpse to the birthplace and adolescence of a nation. Baltimore lies at the tip of Chesapeake Bay and is situated between the historic cities of Washington DC and Philadelphia.

Travel To Go members know that Baltimore’s location makes it a perfect base for touring several cities of the east coast and offers more than enough attractions for a targeted vacation. A typical east coast city, ideal times to visit are in the summer where temperatures stay cooler averaging in the high 70’s or in the fall when even cooler temperatures will remind any visitor of the falling leaves, cozy evening fires and warm scarves.

The first stop to the city should be the visitor center located on the West Promenade of the Inner Harbor. The center is open 7 days a week with the exception of the week of Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas. The center is starting point to any well planned tour of the city and staff will help plan the tours and events that fit your tastes.

Travel To Go associates list a few more of the more well-known and popular historic sites below. While they are only a few of the many attractions Baltimore has to offer, they are significant in America’s history.

Start-Spangled Banner Flag House

Mary Pickersgill resided here in the late 18th century and made the flag that inspired an entire nation. This flag became the focal point of the national anthem written by Francis Scott Key.

Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum

Edgar Allan Poe was a pioneer of the modern short story. His works of art paved the way for the horror and science fiction genres. The house and museum are an inspiration to writers from around the world who flock to gain perspective of one of the nation’s favorite authors.

Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum

Baltimore is a sports city. From Babe Ruth’s beginnings to the famed Baltimore Ravens football team, Baltimore has a place for sports fans of all types. The birthplace of Babe Ruth shares rare footage and mementos of the life of a baseball great.

Travel To Go Highlights The Immersive Experience In The Baja Peninsula

Travel To Go recommends tourist to enjoy an immersive adventure, recreation and luxury living experience in Baja California. The adventure seeking tourists get the chance to admire the magnificence of the stone arches. So whether you enjoy walking done the edge of the Sea of Cortez, visiting the galleries of Todos Santos or wandering the neon-bathed bars of Tijuana Baja Peninsula tries to keep every visitor entranced with its beauty and splendor. The unspoiled beauty of the sandy white beaches and the azure blue water is what attracts people to indulge in all the snorkeling and scuba diving activities that they might want to experience.

Travel To Go members can always set out for Bahia de Los Angeles a famous fish village where visitors could go kayaking through hidden coves never seen before. Or if you are too afraid to spend time in the water you can always sit around and observe the cries of whales and dolphins in their nearby habitats.

Travel To Go members have discovered that spending great time at the Baja peninsula does not just consist of swimming or sunbathing on the shores, adventure lovers can always travel to La Rumorosa and get a distinct view of the rock formations and desert coverings within the region. And if this is not enough one could take up the challenging hiking trips up the Guadalupe Canyon and find some hot springs and small waterfalls.

Travel To Go recommends you to enjoy the luxury of the all inclusive resorts that provides you with the luxury amenities of a five star hotel. Baja California stands out as a place of impossible beauty and the friendly attitude of the Travel To Go members guide you to the best restaurants in town and even go a step further to book the best dinner tables so that you eat the most exotic delicacies of the area. This way the guests get a chance to relax and enjoy the nightlife in the area and get relived of all the tensions and get ready for the next day adventures.

Travel To Go members can have a fun filled family vacation or enjoy tranquil honeymoon trips as Baja California is the perfect   dream destination for all types of tourist. The traditional hospitality of the locales and their warmth is welcoming experience that makes you remember your trip for life plus your relationship with your family gets more secure. Snorkeling in the blue crystal water of the Baja Peninsula is a real delight which revitalizes and energizes you to return to your work life with a new found energy.

Travel To Go Admires The Natural Beauty Of Lands End At Cabo San Lucas

Travel To Go recommends you to peak through at the Land End’s where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. There are special rock formations in this area that add to the spectacular view and the Lovers Beach near the arch which turns out to be a golden paradise where you can ride back on a boat or enjoy a Submarine ride and view the splendors of the colorful underwater world through the glass windows. To holiday in Cabo San Lucas and miss the arch is like having your cookies without milk.

Travel To Go members loves the adventured trip to locate the tip of Mexico’s Baja peninsula where the natural stone arch stand as an exhibit of nature’s art work. You can hire a water taxi and get  a close view of the beautiful arch with sea lions lounging around it rocks or have fun in the sun at Lover’s Beach where you can live up to your desires.

Travel To Go says if you want to get away from the tourist track you sure can escape to an exciting adventure experience. You can opt for a whale watching through glass bottom boats or enjoy the thrill of the Baja Bungee. You can jump on a Helicopter and enjoy an aerial sightseeing tour of Cabo San Lucas capturing the beautiful landscape from above.

Sports keep the tourist entertained and the travelers to Mexico are inspired to enjoy the all inclusive resort experience by living and enjoying as the locals and experiencing the true spirit of Mexico by indulging in all the In-house and outdoor activities that they can participate in.

Travel To Go advises you to eat fresh seafood of Cabo San Lucas with a traditional Mexican touch to enjoy the spicy flavors of Mexican cuisines. Cabo San Lucas is a party city and you sure will find many restaurants along the Marina Boulevard where you can satisfy your taste buds and enjoy the vistas of the Marina and the beautiful bay are as appealing as the traditional seafood that they serve.

Travel To Go keeps in mind the forefront of the Mexican traditional style, including the modern conveniences with a subtle Mexican touch offering the best of amenities that makes you live in luxurious splendor at these wonderful resorts during your holiday.

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